Make an Impact in your Community. Through your kindness today, we can improve daily stresses, caused by cancer, for young, local women with a focus on physical and emotional well being, endless peer support and financial resource so she can focus on her health and thrive.

Better Together is working towards healthy programming for members that supports our mission of engagement and peer connection while also making physical activity a priority after a breast cancer diagnosis to women 55 years of age and under. Important reasons for women with breast cancer to get regular exercise are to raise self esteem, improve body image, mood, quality of life, and sleep, lower anxiety and depression, strengthen bones, increase range of motion, reduce fatigue and possibly reduce the risk of cancer recurrence. Studies have shown that women who got 3 or more hours of aerobic activity every week were up to 50% less likely to have their cancer return * All fitness instructors and personal trainers are certified. Better Together understands the unique needs and circumstances of young women facing breast cancer and continue to fulfill supports of this growing population.



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